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Like said in the video, im extremely happy to find you here… extremely happy to see you breaking a generational pattern by taking control of your life instead of staying stuck in the rat race… In this incredibly in-depth bootcamp, I want you to TAKE YOUR TIME. I don’t want you to be binging any of those chapters but instead, take 1-2 days PER MODULES to reflect on what you have been taught and especially to let the information sink in. Remember, taking down the whole program in one day is like taking down a math book in a day… you might feel satisfied but if I put you through the test, you won’t be able to perform. So, take your time and THINK about every single module one day at a time…Keep in mind that the GOAL, is to have you becoming a conscious creator within the next 22 days, not within the next 2 days… There is magic behind TIME. Let time be the incubatator to the new teachings that you are bringing to your mind & let the module germinate in the garden of your subconscious…

Remember, I spent $36 000 getting mentored by the top coaches in the industry, attending the most high-end webinars & seminars and getting unto thousands of coaching calls in order to acquire the knowledge that I’ve put in this program. That is of course, without even considering the amount of money I’ve spent in trial & errors in order to make myself that successful image I’ve always dreamt of.

I’ve made sure to put every single teachings in the most simple way possible in order to not have you drowned in knowledge but instead, build that solid foundation in your mind in which you will only acquire through simple formulas & mental images that has been given to you. So believe me, I know this might be tempting and you might fall into the KRAVING of learning & listening to MORE, but resist your temptation and don’t forget that this is a long-term game. You’ve got to take your time digesting each word.

With that being said, you’re already a winner to my eyes, if you found yourself in here. Remember, your success is INEVITABLE if you follow my words as this has been the blueprint to building my 7 figure corporation, my relationships, my lifestyle, and everything that comes into this wonderful journey of life… Your world is about to shift so buckle up.

-Nicolas A.

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